Testimonial for Spine Surgeon

Thank You Card from David


“Dr. Mir saw me about 2 months before the procedure and indicated that I had severe stenosis or narrowing of the openings where the nerve roots exit at the L4, L5 and S1 level. He reviewed my MRI and without wasting any time, asked if I wanted or was considering surgery. He was extremely clear and answered all my questions. I had the procedure done at the Disc Newport OP surgery center and was cared for by an incredibly competent, caring staff. I was discharged same day and my post op recovery was 2 weeks, and returned to work July 15th. The procedure was very successful as my pain is basically gone. Amazing relief from a procedure done by a great doctor with a great staff!”

Stan w.

“Dr. Mir is an excellent spine surgeon. had a surgery on my neck by another surgeon but I was still in pain. A friend who had prior surgery with Dr. Mir recommended him to me. He is very detail oriented, confident, and knowledgeable. His staff is very friendly and helpful. I decided to have a second operation on my neck. Soooo thankful I have no pain.”

Hillary C.

“Dr. Mir and his entire staff take the extra time and consideration to shape alternatives to meet the needs (holistically) of the patient. Everything about the experience of my surgery was positive. Dr. Mir is patient and compassionate. His communication skills are remarkably attentive. We are six months out of the starting gate from surgery, and with PT and core strengthening exercises, this 65 yr. old is back to regular training for next year’s marathon. Thank you kindly El Doc-tor….you are amazing! See you soon.”

Lorena B.

“I was in a very bad situation herniating a disc in my lower back so I made an appointment with DISC and Dr. Hamid. The Doctor was very professional and made me comfortable that he understood exactly what I was going through and was able to communicate effectively exactly what it will take to get me on the road to recovery. It took several months as my injury was severe however I always felt I was in good hands under Dr. Hamid’s supervision…If you ever have the misfortune of injuring your circuit board of your body (spine) you need a pro, do not take advice from anyone who’s not specifically licensed to help, Dr Hamid is who I chose and I’m very thankful.”

Matteo B.


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