Communicating Effectively with Your Spine Surgeon

Communication is essential when visiting a spine surgeon in Orange, CA for a more accurate diagnosis of your back pain. You can increase your odds of experiencing a productive recovery or reaching a point where your discomfort is comfortably managed. Make sure to think about the questions you’ll ask as you prepare for your visit.

Do Your Own Research

If you’re going to a spine surgeon for a specific cause, such as a herniated disc, research non-surgical and surgical treatment possibilities on your own to get an idea of what you may have to consider. Do your homework on specific produces like lumbar artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive surgery so you’ll know where to focus your discussion.

Describe Your Symptoms Thoroughly

Some sources of spine pain have overlapping or vague symptoms. Go beyond describing your discomfort on a one-to-ten scale and discuss the movements or activities that tend to trigger your pain.

Keep an Open Mind

Just because your research leads you to believe there is a specific cause of your back pain or a certain treatment that seems “perfect” for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t other possibilities worth considering. Be open to other explanations for your pain and treatment options.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Most spine surgeons welcome and encourage question from patients. Avoid forgetting some important issues you want to cover by writing down your questions prior to your visit. Common inquiries include:

  • What is the standard treatment for my condition?
  • How long does it take to recover?
  • What are the risks involved with your recommended procedure?
  • What other non-surgical options do I have right now?
  • Am I a candidate for minimally invasive surgery?

Keep in mind surgery isn’t necessarily in the cards when you visit a spine surgeon. Many doctors refer patients to spine specialists to confirm a suspected problem, achieve a more accurate diagnosis, or explore a wider range of treatment options.

If you are experiencing severe back or neck pain and think you might need surgery or another form of treatment, get in touch with orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hamid Mir. Whether you need a non-surgical treatment or the spinal decompression Orange, CA patients sometimes receive, Dr. Mir can diagnose the source of your pain and come up with a solution that will start you down the path toward a pain-free life. Call (949) 688-1216 today to schedule an in-person evaluation.