Spine Surgery Recovery: What to Expect

Spine surgery recovery depends on many factors including your overall health, the severity of symptoms you had before the procedure, and the type of spinal surgery you underwent. For example, if you had spinal fusion surgery to join two discs together, it may take between six months to a year for the backbone to heal.

On the other hand, if you had a laminectomy or discectomy to remove damaged tissue from your spine area, you can expect to become better within twelve weeks after the operation. Whatever spinal surgery you had, caring for your spine after the surgery is equally important as most spine surgeons in Orange, CA will state. This article provides information on what to expect when you are recovering after spinal surgery.

Soon After The Surgery 

After the surgery, a qualified nurse will supervise you until you become conscious. Once you are conscious, you will notice a tube in your back. It’s inserted to drain fluids from the wound. You will also notice an IV in your arm that helps deliver antibiotics, pain medication, and fluids into your body.

On the other hand, a catheter will be connected so that you don’t have to get up to urinate. That way you won’t have to walk to the bathroom to urinate. You will also notice an electronic wrap or stockings on your calves. It helps move blood so that you don’t get blood clots during the recovery period.

The First 24-Hour Period After Surgery

Once you spend a few hours in the ICU, you will be transferred to a regular hospital room. You will have a bell on the bedside so that you can press a button to get relief whenever you require it. A qualified nurse will help you learn breathing exercises, using a medical appliance known as a spirometer.

It’s important that you follow the advice of these qualified medical experts to recover from your condition as soon as possible. In fact, anesthesia and pain medications can slow your breathing rate. It can clog the airways and cause infections over time. That is why you need to follow breathing exercises and other exercises to recover as soon as possible. 

Physical Training During Your Hospital Stay

You may have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days depending on the seriousness of your operation. Your doctor may want you out of bed as soon as possible, and they may recommend physical therapy within the first 24 hours of your hospital stay.

If you are wearing a back brace, the medical expert will teach you how to put it on and take it off. They will teach you range of motion exercises to help strengthen your legs and arms in the process. You will be moved to a chair from the bed, and eventually, you will be trained to use a walker. In fact, walking is good therapy for you if you underwent upper or lower spinal surgery.

At Home

Even after you leave the hospital, you should continue with your physical therapy exercises to strengthen your spine. The medical officer will tell you how often should you do the exercises. You should do these exercises several days a week at first.

In fact, walking should be your main exercise since the more you walk, the faster you will recover from your condition. If you do your physical therapy as recommended by your healthcare provider, you can ditch the walker in no time. In fact, you can move around with a cane a few days after surgery if you adhere to the advice of your medical practitioner or spine surgeon in Orange, CA like Dr. Hamid Mir M.D. which you can contact at (949) 688-1216 or visiting his OC clinic.