Do You Need Back Surgery for Your Chronic Pain?

If you’re one of nearly 15 million people who go to the doctor each year for chronic back pain, relief is understandably the first thing on your mind. Defined as pain lasting 6 months or more, chronic pain can range from mild to debilitating and often demands attention. However, it may not always be necessary to get back surgery for relief.

Is There a Structural Cause for Your Back Pain?

There has to be a clear structural source causing your discomfort before surgery should be considered. For example, if you have nonspecific lower back pain, spine surgery in Orange, CA isn’t likely to be an option for you.

Have You Considered All Possible Sources of the Pain?

Consider your back pain from a different point of view. Go beyond the concept that there is something wrong and your doctor should be able to find it and fix it. Interdisciplinary pain management is the process of seeing your back pain beyond the traditional approach to pain relief, and this process includes:

  • Education to learn about your specific source of pain, including identification of risk factors and likely pain triggers
  • Physical conditioning to target muscle groups that support your spine
  • Psychological treatment to address factors like stress and anxiety that may be contributing to your back pain

Do You Have High Expectations for Surgery?

Getting minimally invasive back surgery doesn’t necessarily mean your pain will automatically stop. Talk to your doctor to get an idea of what’s realistic for your specific type of back pain. Research suggests patients with high expectations tend to be more disappointed with their outcome than those who expect better functioning rather than an outright “cure.”

Even when chronic pain is involved, back surgery is a last resort unless there is a medical emergency. You’ll likely have time to explore other nonsurgical options for relief, including epidural steroid injections and “out of the mainstream” treatments like chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture that are considered safe when performed by qualified practitioners.

Take the time to schedule a consultation with a spine surgeon in Orange, CA like Dr. Hamid Mir M.D. and find out if you need surgery or a nonsurgical treatment to alleviate your chronic pain. Call (949) 688-1216 today to speak with a friendly representative.