How to Decompress the Spine at Home

Back pain is a common theme among people across the globe. As many as 16 million adults note they experience persistent or chronic pain in their backs [1]. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent back pain if you have it. However, there are ways to manage your pain better. 

One of the best ways to do this is by learning how to decompress your spine. Decompressing your spine can have significant benefits in lowering the back pain you experience. Here are some top ways to effectively decompress your spine at home. 

Tips On How To Effectively Decompress Your Spine At Home

1. Inversion Table

One of the best ways to decompress your back is by using an inversion table. This is a good way to stretch out the spine and improve spinal health. If you are looking for one of the fastest ways to provide yourself with back pain relief, using an inversion table is one of your best bets. It can help to provide short-term relief from back pain. 

2. Hang From a Pull Up Bar

Another good way to decompress your back is by hanging from a pull-up bar or some monkey bars. This can be a very good way to remove a lot of the pressure on your back and stretch out your spine. This can provide short-term pain relief for your back and it’s very easy to implement. 

3. Use an Exercise Ball

This is another great way to relieve a lot of the pressure on your spine. This can also help to strengthen your core at the same time. Strengthening your core is one of the best things you can do for improving your long-term back health. After all, your core is what stabilizes your back. With a weak core, you are more likely to have bad posture. Bad posture can lead to a lot of back pain.

An exercise ball can be used to decompress your back by simply laying on it. From there, you would simply stretch your feet and your arms in opposite directions allowing your back to curve. This can relieve a lot of the pressure on your lower back and you can choose with what intensity you stretch. 

4. Yoga

Yoga is another one of those things that can pay off in a big way when it comes to improving your back health. You can get a lot of good results by incorporating yoga because it includes a lot of stretching. You want to use yoga as a means to decompress your spine if you are looking for total body benefits. Yoga can be a good way to increase flexibility, build core strength, and get more exercise into your routine. 

Overall, there are plenty of different ways you can effectively decompress your back at home. Use the tips above and you should experience good benefits with your efforts. All of these methods can help to provide both short and long-term back pain relief according to reputable spine surgeons in Irvine, CA.

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