Artificial Disc Replacement in Orange County

Your journey back to health with motion sparing technology.

Orange County Spinal Surgeon

At Dr. Hamid R. Mir’s practice, based in Orange County, Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) is a forefront procedure available for patients with degenerative disc diseases. Dr. Mir’s expertise covers two primary types of ADR: cervical and lumbar, each tailored to address the unique challenges of these distinct spinal regions.

Design & Kinematics


The core design allows for natural anatomical movements including lateral bending with flexion and extension while resisting sheer force.


The anatomical shape of the implant is designed to match that of a natural human vertebral body.


A plasma sprayed titanium coating is applied to the artificial disc endplates to help induce bone growth to help secure the implant in place.

Cervical Disc Replacement in Orange County

CDR is a procedure designed for patients experiencing neck pain, arm pain, and other symptoms related to cervical disc degeneration. The goal is to relieve pain while preserving motion at the treated vertebral level, using an artificial disc to replace the damaged one.

Lumbar Disc Replacement in Orange County

LDR, on the other hand, targets the lower back area. This procedure is aimed at patients with disc-related lower back pain unresponsive to conservative treatment methods. Like its cervical counterpart, the lumbar ADR seeks to maintain spinal mobility and alleviate pain by replacing the degenerated disc with an artificial one.

Artifical Disc


ADR Advancements

Both procedures represent significant advancements over traditional spinal fusion, offering benefits such as retained mobility, reduced risk of adjacent segment degeneration, and shorter recovery periods. Dr. Mir’s approach integrates thorough diagnostic evaluation, personalized treatment planning, and the use of the latest ADR technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for his patients.

For individuals in Orange County suffering from back or neck pain, Dr. Hamid R. Mir’s practice offers a beacon of hope. With a focus on cutting-edge treatments like Artificial Disc Replacement, Dr. Mir is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients through innovative surgical solutions.