Spine Surgery Drainage: What it Means

Spinal issues have become more and more prevalent in recent generations. Many of the back,  neck and lower spine problems that people are encountering may be the result of occupational issues. 

As the world has grown ever more connected many people in the developed and developing world have become increasingly sedentary. Often faced by long hours in front of a variety of screens – and often in seating that has not been ergonomically designed.

Of course, there is the opposite side of the coin. With increasing amounts of disposable income, people have become more adventurous. And adventure can sometimes cause accidents. There are also genetic issues that may contribute to spinal damage or disease.

The result is often unavoidable surgery. And the associated worries that almost inevitably arrive with swelling and the necessity for drainage of the operational site.

However, spinal surgery wound drainage is not necessarily that much of a worry. When the patient is attended to by trained professionals who can keep an eye on the process it can be one that assists with the healing process and allows the patient to resume their normal daily routine far sooner than if the drainage was not managed correctly. 

That said, medical professionals and patients alike should be aware that spinal wound drainage can be an issue that needs attention.  Notify your surgeon if: 

  • Drainage for more than a few days after you are discharged home 
  • Bleeding from the site of the operation that does not stop
  • The fluid from the incision is foul smelling or has a greenish or yellow pus color that indicates infection. 

But it should be emphasized that spinal drainage is a normal part of modern surgical procedures. Consult with your surgeon if the wound drainage is to be expected when you are discharged home.  

A healthy back is essential to our enjoyment of everyday activities. Back problems tend to get progressively worse the longer that they are ignored. If you or someone you know is experiencing spinal issues consult your chosen spine surgeon in Laguna Beach, CA or medical professional as soon as possible. If you are in Southern California, there are spine surgeons in every metro area.